A Look At The Skyline Of Mexico City

A great thing about Mexico City is its skyline. The skyscrapers in the city make it even more fascinating along with its beautiful landscaping and latitude that’s quite high as compared to other metropolitan and financial centers in the world. Some parts of the city are so cold that you will receive snowfalls in the winter season but mostly the temperature is on the milder side. Coming back to the point, the skyscrapers in Mexico City are another thing that you can enjoy as you take a tour in the city, either walking or on a vehicle.

You will not find the tallest buildings in the world in Mexico City but it definitely has some of the largest and tallest ones of Mexico and North America. Do you want to see Mexico City so you can hire a Mexico city airport taxi service with Mexico airport transfers, because we are providing a leading transportation Mexico city airport . The skyscrapers of Mexico City are not an exception to the buildings in the world but there are some that make them different from others. They are just tall buildings like other tall buildings in the world but some of them are very uniquely shaped and that’s what you will love about many buildings in Mexico City. Another great thing that makes the skyline of Mexico City great is its backdrop; the mountainous background on most occasions.

One of the most unique and fascinating buildings that you will see in Mexico City is the world trade center Mexico City. This building looks amazing, it’s tall and it can enthrall you with its presence in the city. If you include the height of the antenna in the building, it’s the third largest in the city. However, if you talk about the unique looks and design of the building, this is definitely on top. The tower contains some of the most exciting places that you will get to visit in Mexico City including the multi-screen cinema and a revolving restaurant too.

AXA Tower Mexico City is also one of the tallest buildings in the city and it looks awesome when the sun is setting in the evening or rising in the morning. The shape of this tower is again unique and due to that it is often named as a blender. Another building that will dazzle your mind and thoughts is the tall giant Torre Mayor. This is the tallest building you will get to see in Mexico City and with a clear sky in the background, it casts an enchantment on the people passing by and looking at it.

There are many other tall buildings in the area and all of them look different from each other because of their unique architectural designs. Some other great buildings that are worth seeing as you take a tour of Mexico City’s skyscrapers include names such as Torre del Caballito, Torre Ejecutiva Pemex, HSBC Tower, Torre Altus etc. A great way to enjoy the great skyline of Mexico City is to either take a bus that passes by these great buildings or rent a bicycle and spend an entire day looking at these tall buildings and working out.